Is your feline friend looking a little worse for wear? Does your cat have matted and uncomfortable fur? Trips to the vet with your cat can be very expensive. This is one vet visit that you can easily avoid.

At Canine Clips Academy Ltd we offer a full feline grooming service with our fully trained groomers and feline behaviourists. It is recommended that you bring your cat in regularly for a brush out service.

A full feline groom will include 1 or more of the following:

  • Brush out
  • De-Mat (may include some necessary clipping)
  • Clipping of the undercarriage (includes hygiene areas)
  • Lion Clip
  • Full Clip
  • Bath & Dry
  • Flea Bath & Tick Removal

Optional extras are:

  • Ear Care
  • Eye Care
  • Nail clipping

Flea baths & tick removal

Fleas and ticks are pesky things and we hate them just as much as you do. In our line of business we have to be extra vigilant for the presence of ticks and fleas on dogs and cats that visit the parlour – the last thing we want is for fleas to spread from one animal to another.

An initial inspection will quickly identify if a dog or cat has any fleas or ticks and our priority is then to get the dog or cat into the bath as quickly as possible – without disturbing the fleas and allowing them to disperse throughout the parlour. Our flea shampoo is specially formulated to be used in conjunction with any other flea treatment. We use a very powerful natural flea repellent shampoo in these instances to rid the dog or cat of fleas quickly and efficiently.  We always take care to include flea bombing the parlour as one of our regular cleaning maintenance routines.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to continue a regular and reliable flea and tick treatment with your dog or cat, especially when going out and about and meeting other dogs and cats. We sell a veterinary strength flea treatment, “Eliminall” which contains the active compound “Fipronil”.

Half Price Kitten Packages

It is essential that you get your kitten used to being handled by our groomers. This will prevent a stressed or aggressive situation that we experience with cats that have not been introduced to grooming at an early age. This service will introduce your kitten to water, nail clipping, ear cleaning and the dryer. It is not a full bathing service and we won’t have your kitten long as we want to gently introduce the service without stressing out your kitten.