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Proffesional Cat Grooming


Is your feline friend looking a little worse for wear? Does your cat have matted and uncomfortable fur? Trips to the vet with your cat can be very expensive. This is one vet visit that you can easily avoid.


At Canine Clips we now offer a full feline grooming service with our fully trained groomers. It is recommended that you bring your cat in regularly for a brush out service. Please see our price list for more details.


Kitten Packages


It is essential that you get your kitten used to being handled by our groomers. This will prevent a stressed or aggressive situation that we experience with cats that have not been introduced to grooming at an early age. This service will introduce your kitten to water, nail clipping, ear cleaning and the dryer. It is not a full bathing service and we won't have your kitten long as we want to gently introduce the service without stressing out your kitten. See our price list for more details.