Doggie day care at Canine Clips Academy Ltd is a safe and convenient way to give your pet the attention he needs while you’re busy getting on with your life!

If your dog is having a hard time being left alone, or you are going to be out all day, why not drop your dog in for day boarding with our staff.

You may find us useful for:

  • Shopping trips
  • Days out with the family
  • Lunches out
  • Business meetings
  • And much more!

We will make sure your dog gets:

  • Freedom to walk around the parlour
  • Opportunities to play with other respectful dogs
  • Cuddles & strokes
  • Space to rest when needed
  • Fed at your instructed time
  • Water permanently available
  • Opportunities to go out to toilet
  • A walk on the lead with a responsible member of staff

Please note that your dog must be well behaved and sociable with other dogs to benefit from freedom around the parlour.

Why not book in for a full groom at the same time and get day boarding at a discounted rate?!

Day boarding is available from 8am – 4.30pm Mon to Sat

Out of hours boarding is at the discretion of the management.