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Canine Clips Dog & Cat Grooming Service


We have a very stylish and relaxed grooming parlour with fully trained dog and cat groomers with many years of experience offering a full service including brushing, dematting, handstripping, scissoring, clipping, ears, eyes, nails, anal glands, defleaing, tick removal, bathing and drying. Our groomers only use hypoalegenic shampoo's especially formulated for dogs or cats.


Our Grooming Parlour is fully licensed by the local authorities, fully insured and we are now fully air conditioned.


Health Checking


At Canine Clips Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour every dog and cat is given a full health checked by our trained and qualified staff. If we believe your dog or cat is suffering from any condition it will be recorded and you will be alerted and advised to visit your vet. We are not trained vets and so we will not make a diagnosis in most cases.


On Site Animal Behaviourist


Canine Clips Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour have a full time on site animal behaviourist who ensures that nervous or aggressive animals get the best possible care in the best possible hands. No dog or cat is ever left alone and we strive to make your pets visit as pleasurable as possible.


Brushing Service


Wtihin Canine Clips Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour we offer a special brushing service for high maintenence dogs and cats between their regular grooming appointments to ensure your dog is kept tangle and matt free, this way we can achieve a high standard of finish everytime










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Hand Stripping


Many terriers coats will consist of 2 types of hair, a soft undercoat and a top wirey coat. Stripping is when the dead hair is taken out either by hand or a stripping tool depending on the breed type. This allows for a new wire coat to grow. Many people wonder what the difference is and why we do it, but when a coat is clipped the dead top coat doesn't get removed from the roots, this prevents a new top coat to come in, it then loses its texture and colour with every clip. Handstripped dogs also only need their coat stripped about every 3 to 4 months whereas a clipped dog will need doing every 6 to 8 weeks. at Canine Clips Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour our qualified groomers are experts at hand stripping all breeds.


Big Dogs


Many people think of grooming parlours and conjour up thoughts of pamperred poodles etc but all dogs need to be groomed and some more than others. Big dogs also regular grooming for many reason:


- To maintain health as experienced groomers pick up early signs of disease, ear, eye infections, impacted anal glands and also any sensitivity to pain


- Big dogs with big coats can get matts close to the skin that can go un-noticed this can then develop skin infections and sometimes nasty bacterial infections


- Big coats also make it very difficult to see bumps and lumps that can be life threatening to a dog


- Imagine not showering or brushing your own hair on a regular basis. It's the same for your dog, it makes him feel good as his coat can be very annoying and itchy if not maintained properly


At Canine Clips Do & Cat Grooming Parlour our dog groomers love big dogs and would never turn them away just because of their size. Why would we? Most of our grooming staff own them!


Cat Grooming


At Canine Clips Do  & Cat Grooming Parlour we also specialise in cat grooming. Many cats do not or cannot keep themselves groomed and end up in a bit of a state. We offer very similar services for a cat, including, clipping, bathing, ear care, nail care and brushing out.


Puppy/Kitten Packages


At Canine Clips Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour we highly recomended that you bring in your puppy/kitten from a very young age. We offer cheaper puppy/kitten grooming packages to introduce your pet to handling and grooming.


Collection & Delivery


At Canine Clips Dog and Cat Grooming Parlour we are happy to collect and deliver any size dog or cat from an 8 mile radius. We cover New Milton, Barton on Sea, Ashley, Lymington, Sway, Milford on Sea, Hordle, Everton, Downton, Pennington, Christchurch, Highcliffe, Walkford, Hinton, Friars Cliff, Somerton, Bransgore, Burton, Winkton, Sopley.

Flea Infestation

Parlour: 01425 839 636

Out of hours or for advice: 07842 789 066