Fleas are pesky things and we hate them just as much as you do. In our line of business we have to be extra vigilant for the presence of fleas on dogs and cats that visit the parlour – the last thing we want is for fleas to spread from one animal to another.













Flea Infestation

This German Shepherd arrived in a very neglected state:



An initial inspection quickly identified that the dog was heavily infested with fleas and our priority was to get the dog into the bath as quickly as possible – without disturbing the fleas and allowing them to disperse throughout the parlour. We use a very powerful natural flea


All subsequent appointments were cancelled that day to allow us to give the German Shepherd priority. Our next priority was to follow a very strict health and hygiene routine ending with powerful flea bombs to ensure the entire parlour is rid of fleas ready for the next working day.


Luckily, a flea infestation to this extent doesn't happen very often - in fact this is the one and only time in my whole grooming career that I have seen an infestation this bad.  We can not stress enough how important it is to continue a regular and reliable flea treatment programme with your dog. Especially when going out and about and meeting other dogs.

repellent shampoo in these instances to rid the dog of fleas quickly and efficiently. The GermanShepherds skin was extremely sore from scratching and biting. As you can see in the video, there is so much flea dirt that it is actually turning the water red with blood. This was an extremely uncomfortable process for the dog.