At Canine Clips Academy Ltd we offer a comprehensive dog grooming service where we are usually guided by each individual dog and their owner. The final decision can depend on the temperament of your dog, condition of your dog’s coat & your dog’s breed requirements which we will discuss in your free consultation prior to grooming. Our preferred approach is to create a treatment that is customised around your dog’s specific life style needs.

Full Groom

At Canine ClipsAcademy Ltd this is our most popular treatment and includes a combination of the services listed below depending on your dog’s requirements.  It includes a full brush out service removing all knots and matting first followed by a full bathing service using specialist mild dog shampoos. We pay particular attention to sensitive areas such as the ears, pads, feet and groin.  We then thoroughly rinse a couple of times and dry with a high quality dryer. We NEVER use drying cabinets. We then either clip, hand scissor or both to a style of your choice or in line with the standard for their breed. If your dog is to be hand-stripped this would be done before bathing. Nail clipping, ear care, eye care and anal gland care are also included in a full groom. Teeth descaling and brushing is available at a small charge.

Bath & Drying

At Canine Clips Academy Ltd your dog will enjoy a soothing wash using mild or hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners, where appropriate, which are kind to the most sensitive of skins, leaving a healthy shine and softness to the coat. For dogs with skin allergies we use medicated shampoo or recommend their owners supply us with shampoo prescribed by the vet. After bathing, your dog will be towel dried and blasted – except if your dog is of a nervous disposition – before finishing off with a hand dryer, which ensures the undercoat is fully dry.

Bath & Tidy

Canine Clips Academy Ltd offer this treatment that will leave your dog tidy, clean and smelling and looking good. We carry out the same shampooing service as in the full groom but only trim the hair around areas such as the feet, face, groin, anus and tail.


At Canine Clips Academy Ltd clipping is performed on a regular basis. It involves taking the coat back to a length that has been agreed in consultation with yourself. This encourages a new healthier coat to grow and is great for those owners who would like to have an easily maintainable coat, with strong shape & body definition for their active pet.

Hand Scissoring

At Canine Clips Academy Ltd our grooming specialists are trained to very high standards in traditional scissoring skills.  Scissoring is used for the more intricate styles, whether for your specific pets requirement or for breed standard, allowing us to add balance grace and style to your dog.


Hand-stripping is a process of ridding a dog’s coat of dead hairs. This can be accomplished in two ways. Either by using a serrated edge stripping knife or the good old fashioned way, by plucking with fingers. Hand-stripping involves pulling out every single dead hair from the dog’s root so there is room for the new coat to grow in. At Canine Clips Academy Ltd our hand-stripping specialists understand your dog’s needs and will be happy to discuss your requirements at your initial consultation.


At Canine Clips Academy Ltd minor mat removal is part of our regular grooming service, however some breeds are more susceptible to serious matting which is painful for the dog. We only groom humanely, so in severe cases the only solution (with your approval of course) is for the dog to be clipped on those matted areas or a full body clip to start again. If left unattended matting can cause skin irritation and discomfort possibly leading to skin infection.

Ear care

At Canine Clips Academy Ltd one major part of our regular health check routine is to pay particular attention to the ears. This involves the gentle cleaning and trimming of the ears to help keep the ears dry and prevent a build -up of dirt. Dogs with excessive hair, folded ears or heavy drooping ears, really benefit from ear care, as the fold in the ear can create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Many breeds grow hair inside the ear. We gently pluck this hair for a cleaner, healthier ear. Trimming off heavy hair on the ears, achieves a lighter ear with less chance of future matting and improves circulation.

Eye care

You may not think that caring for your dog’s eyes is part of their regular grooming routine but at Canine Clips Dog Academy Ltd we believe it is important to include an eye check as part of the process.  We look for redness, swelling, foreign objects or unusual discharge. It is even possible for a tick to attach itself to your dog’s inner eyelid!  For routine maintenance, we use eye wipes for dogs and cats, which are specially formulated to gently help reduce tear stains and discharge from around the eyes. We also carefully trim around the eyes of long haired breads where appropriate.

Nails & Paws

At Canine Clips Academy Ltd our groomers understand it is important to maintain fit & healthy paw care.  We trim your dog’s nails and carefully clip the fur between toes and pads. This minimises future mats and stops debris collecting between the toes, because if left unattended these areas can cause great discomfort to your dog.

Anal Gland Care

At Canine Clips Academy Ltd all our groomers are taught how to safely externally express your dog’s anal glands. Many dogs can suffer from blocked anal glands, especially small breeds. Regular routine anal gland expression can prevent your dog from a build up of fluid which can eventually cause discomfort and even infection.  Many groomers used to do anal glands as a routine treatment but now we are advised by the Pet Industry Federation to only perform it on instruction of the owner, so we advise that you get advice from your vet on this matter, although we can advise if your dog’s anal glands are full.

Flea Baths & Tick Removal

Fleas and ticks are pesky things and we hate them just as much as you do. In our line of business we have to be extra vigilant for the presence of ticks and fleas on dogs and cats that visit the parlour – the last thing we want is for fleas to spread from one animal to another.

An initial inspection will quickly identify if a dog or cat has any fleas or ticks and our priority is then to get the dog or cat into the bath as quickly as possible – without disturbing the fleas and allowing them to disperse throughout the parlour. We use a very powerful natural flea repellent shampoo in these instances to rid the dog or cat of fleas quickly and efficiently. Our flea shampoo is specially formulated to be used in conjunction with any other flea treatment. We always take care to include flea bombing the parlour as one of our regular cleaning maintenance routines.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to continue a regular and reliable flea and tick treatment with your dog or cat, especially when going out and about and meeting other dogs and cats. We sell a veterinary strength flea treatment, “Eliminall” which contains the active compound  “Fipronil”.

Half Price Puppy Packages

It is essential that you get your puppy gets used to being handled by our groomers from a very young age to avoid unnecessary stress later on. We gently introduce your puppy to most aspects of grooming although we do tend to advise you to avoid clipping or hand-stripping on the first couple of sessions – usually between 3 and 6 months. Therefore recommending our bath & tidy package. If clipping is unavoidable under 6 months we can discuss your requirements on consultation.