Half Price Puppy Packages

It is essential that you get your puppy gets used to being handled by our groomers from a very young age to avoid unnecessary stress later on. We gently introduce your puppy to most aspects of grooming although we do tend to advise you to avoid clipping or hand-stripping on the first couple of sessions – usually between 3 and 6 months. Therefore recommending our bath & tidy package. If clipping is unavoidable under 6 months we can discuss your requirements on consultation.

Half Price Kitten Packages

It is essential that you get your kitten used to being handled by our groomers. This will prevent a stressed or aggressive situation that we experience with cats that have not been introduced to grooming at an early age. This service will introduce your kitten to water, nail clipping, ear cleaning and the dryer. It is not a full bathing service and we won’t have your kitten long as we want to gently introduce the service without stressing out your kitten.