Micro-ID offer one of the most comprehensive micro-chip systems available for animals worldwide. Micro-ID  micro-chip come with lifetime registration onto Petlog, the UK’s largest lost and found database for micro-chipped pets. Over 6 million pet owners/keepers trust Petlog to help reunite them with their lost pets. Petlog handles over 1,000 general enquiry calls and approximately 500 lost and found calls each day, answering over 100,000 lost and found calls a year.

We believe Petlog offer the best possible service with the pet’s safety as its priority. We also believe that the quality of our product is of the utmost importance and should be of the highest possible standard, therefore all our microchips are Swiss engineered and manufactured in Europe.

We offer the original mini-chip, an 8.5 x 1.4mm micro-chip for use in all pets, (not just cats & dogs). Swiss engineering ensures the highest quality micro-chips and are guaranteed for life. It is 44% smaller than the standard 12mm micro-chip which means a much smaller needle too, making the whole process more comfortable and less stressful for your pet. It also has an extremely low risk of migration due to reduced size and anti-migratory coating.

Our staff are fully trained and qualified implanters, so there is no need to worry, your pet is in safe hands.